About Us

We Have Developed Properties Since 2008!

Najdovski Invest is a family-run company with a focus on developing, building and managing high-quality properties. We strive to create homes and workplaces where sustainability, safety and personal treatment are central. By working with the market’s best contractors, we ensure that every project meets our high standards.


Our Core Values:

1. Sustainability: We are dedicated to integrating sustainable solutions into every aspect of our projects to create long-term value for the residents and to ensure favorable solutions for the environment.

2. Security: We strive to create safe and pleasant residential areas where people can feel secure in their homes.

3. Personal treatment: We value each individual and strive to ensure that a considerate and respectful relationship exists with each of our customers and partners.

Our Projects 

Najdovski Invest is committed and actively involved in every step of the construction process. We work hard to ensure that every project is of the highest quality and meets our and our customers expectations.

We currently have a number of exciting new projects underway and upcoming.

Najdovski Invest – Our story

In 1993, our journey began with the establishment of a pizzeria on the site where the project Tersen currently. During the following 12 years, we focused on running the pizzeria and took the step to acquire the property in 2001. At the time, the property included a variety of businesses, from a welding shop and car polish company to a gas station.

With a strong passion for property management and a vision to maximize the value of each property, we founded Najdovski Invest AB in 2008.

Our first major project was to apply for a change to the detailed plan to convert the property into the now project Tersen – a modern and sought-after multi-family building with 26 apartments.

Our future

Over 200 newly produced apartments and commercial premises are just the beginning of our journey. We aim to create a significant portfolio of developments and property projects, with the aim of producing condominiums and commercial properties. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and maybe your neighborhood is the next destination for our next exciting project.

Join us on our journey towards the housing of the future. If you share our values and vision, Najdovski Invest is your reliable partner in the creation of unique and sustainable living environments. We look forward to being part of your future.

Welcome to contact us if you want to know more!

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