Welcome to project Tersen – an iconic residential experience where modern elegance meets outstanding views. Built with precision and passion in 2012, project Tersen represents our outstanding commitment to creating a luxurious and innovative lifestyle.

Project Tersen’s unique features and advantages

Project Tersen offers an innovative housing concept with two elegant house bodies that embrace an impressive glass house in the middle. Here, design and functionality meet in a harmonious way, which creates a unique and well-balanced living environment.

The magnificent glass house not only acts as an architectural center but also creates a light-filled atmosphere, giving every home a sense of warmth and comfort.

A home here is more than just a place to live – it is a symbol of excellence and a unique lifestyle, where every element is created with care to offer a unique and sophisticated lifestyle

We welcome you to a world of modern luxury and timeless design.


Area: Ystad
Number of apartments: 26
Overnight apartment for guests: 1
Garage spaces: 16 pcs
Parking spaces: 10 pcs
Total contract: Skanska
Year of construction: 2012
Type of residence: Condominium