NEVER AGAIN will you freeze in winter and sweat in summer!

The advantages of Geoenergy include its low carbon emissions, stable availability and minimal impact on the environment. It is an important resource in sustainable energy production and can contribute to reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Note, however, the implementation of Geoenergy is dependent on geological conditions and technical possibilities in different regions.

RECONSIDER  …   Generally, there are two different ways to utilize geo-energy for heat and cooling. A borehole storage means that the majority of energy wells are drilled in a defined area that forms the energy volume. An aquifer system is suitable in water-rich areas and is often used for larger buildings such as hospitals, airports or other large facilities

The geo-energy/geothermal principle is simple. During the winter, heat is extracted from the rock or groundwater and the bedrock is cooled down a few degrees. As the summer begins, stored cold in the rock, collected at “freezing” temperatures, can be used to regulate the temperature in your house.